Server Informations
PVP protectionto 1 level
Exp rate1 - 50 level, 400x
51 - 100 level, 240x
101 - 200 level, 140x
201 - 300 level, 100x
301 - 400 level, 80x
401 - 500 level, 70x
501 - 600 level, 60x
601 - 700 level, 50x
701 - 800 level, 40x
801 - 900 level, 30x
901 - 1000 level, 20x
1001 - 1100 level, 16x
1101 - 1200 level, 14x
1201 - 1300 level, 10x
1301 - 1400 level, 6x
1401 - 1500 level, 4x
1501 - 2000 level, 2x
2001 - 3000 level, 1.5x
3001+ level, 1x
Exp from players2x
Skill rate60x
Magic rate50x
Loot rate2x
PZ time1 min
Level to buy house400
Level to create guild50

Useful links:-

  • Commands.
    • To know more about ingame commands.
  • Spells.
    • Gives more information about spells.
  • Raids.
    • To know time and location of raids.
  • Tasks.
    • More information about tasks.
  • Events.
    • To know time of events and more informations.
  • How to get addons.
    • To know what items needed and the location of addons.
  • Outfits Bonuses.
    • To know each outfit bonus.


More about Mirage:-

  • Global Server Save.
    • It will happen everyday at 8:00 AM GMT.
    • Server will shutdown and open again.
    • You will get a message to logout 5 mins before the global server save.
    • All new changes will be added after the server save to not disturb online players at different times.


  • Promotions.
    • Each vocation can be promoted 3 times.
    • Higher promotion = Higher attack speed and lose less when dies.
    • Promotion is very important.
    • 3rd promotion has a unique spell for each vocation.
    • You can buy first promotion with command (!promotion).
    • You can get second promotion by using (Promotion Note).
    • You can get third promotion by using (Promotion Doll).
    • Vocations and Promotions:
      • Sorcerer - Master Sorcerer - Dark Wizard - Illusionist.
      • Druid - Elder Druid - Holy Priest - Elementalist.
      • Paladin - Royal Paladin - Nobleman - Elf.
      • Knight - Elite Knight - Barbarian - Ninja.


  • Event Tokens.
    • It is a reward from events.
    • It is rewarded for the winner only.
    • You can get 1 from each event.
    • The best part here, that you can change 1 event token for 5 premium points.


  • Frags and Skulls.
    • Server is PVP-Enforced but with skulls.
    • There is Red Skull.
    • Frags to Red Skull:
      • 15 frags per day.
      • 30 frags per week.
      • 50 frags per month.
    • Frags to get ban because of killing players:
      • 100 frags per day.
      • 200 frags per week.
      • 300 frags per month.
    • Daily frag time is 3 hours.
    • Weekly frag time is 1 day.
    • Monthly frag time is 3 days.
    • White Skull time is 1 min.
    • Red Skull time is 5 days.
    • Use command !frags to check your current frags.


  •  Getting All Addons Reward.
    • Once you collect and get all outfits and addons, you will get permanent bonuses:
      • +10% max health and mana.
      • +300 health and mana regeneration per second.
      • +300 speed.
      • +10 skills.
      • +10 magic levels.
    • You will also rewarded with Dwarf outfit.


  • Extra Buff for Promoted Knights.
    • Being knight and get promoted will add extra buffs for your character.
      • Elite Knight:
        • +7% max health percent.
      • Barbarian.
        • +15% max health percent.
      • Ninja.
        • +25% max health percent.


  • PVP Restriction.
    • Your target should be 2/3 of your level if you are higher in level.
    • Your target should be 1.5 of your level if you are lower in level.
      • For example if your level is 300 you can attack players in range 201 to 451.
    • This system has no effect in events such as: Last Man Standing. Also in PVP Arena and Open Arena.
    • System is disabled for who is above level 1000.
    • The purpose from this system is to protect lower levels from power abusers.


  • Tokens.
    • Tokens is a currency which can be used to buy items from token shop.
    • You can collect tokens from monsters.
    • Also some items can be sold for tokens by talking to npc or using the blue key.
    • There are 2 kinds of tokens:
      • Token.
      • Uber Token. (equals 1000 tokens)
    • You can exchange tokens and uber tokens from (Token Exchanger), you can find him at depot.
    • You can change tokens to uber tokens by clicking on tokens but this feature only for VIP.
    • You can also change uber tokens to tokens using blue key on the uber tokens.


  • VIP.
    • VIP in Mirage not like usual as there is no private spawns for VIP or anything like this, all players can reach any hunt at any time.
    • Being VIP gives you more advantages like:
      • 50% extra exp rate.
      • 30% extra skills and magic rate.
      • Using VIP shortcuts.
      • Can upgrade items.
      • Can Enchant items.
      • Can convert tokens to uber tokens by clicking on tokens. (No need to talk to NPC)
    • There are two ways to get VIP:
      • Donation shop:
        • VIP Rune which gives you 7 days of VIP, cost: 50 premium points.
        • Bar of Chocolate which gives you 3 days of VIP, cost:  30 premium points.
      • Token Shop:
        • Bar of Chocolate which gives you 3 days of VIP, cost: 5 uber tokens (5000 tokens).
    • VIP works for the whole account not only one character.


  • Shops.
    • You can find shops and NPCs at south of main temple.


  • Runes and Manarunes.
    • There are special runes for each vocation, you can check that using command (!runes).
    • Manarunes are stages, depend on your level.
    • You can find for example: sorcerer manarune 1, sorcerer manarune 2.


  • Selling Items.
    • You can talk to NPC (Soya) to sell items.
    • You can also use the orange key to sell items.


  • Upgrading System.
    • Upgrading system works only on some items which has in its description (Can be upgraded).
    • You can upgrade your item to +1, +2 and +3
    • There are 2 kind of gems which can be used to upgrade:
      • Equipments Upgrading Gem for equipments.
      • Weapons Upgrading Gem for weapons.
    • Upgrading items make it stronger and better in all stats.
    • Upgrading process requires VIP.


  • Critical Enchanting System.
    • It works only for weapons which have enchantment slot.
    • You can enchant your weapon with critical for only 5 hours.
    • After the 5 hours finishs, it will back to its normal stats and you can enchant it again.
    • You can enchant your weapon using (Strike Soil).
    • Enchantment process requires VIP, Strike Soil and 500 Crystal Coins.


  • Auto Loot System.
    • It is a system to help you in looting.
    • You need to know some commands which can help you:
      • !autoloot -- show you the list of your added items.
      • !autoloot add, ITEM_NAME -- add an item to your list, for example: !autoloot add, token
      • !autoloot remove, ITEM_NAME -- remove an item from your list, for example: !autoloot remove, token
      • !autoloot clear -- clear all of your list from added items.
    • Note:
      • When you add item you must write it single not plural, for example: token not tokens.
      • System is disabled toward the bosses.


  • Blessing.
    • Blessing helps you to lose less percent when you die.
    • It can work also as an amulet of loss.
    • You can buy blessing using command (!bless) for 200 tokens.


  • Cities.
    • There are 4 cities:
      • Main city.
      • Ice city.
      • Desert city.
      • Baron city.
    • Each one has its purpose and hunts.


  • Hunting Grounds and Quests.
    • There are 2 kind of hunts:
      • Normal hunts which can be found in teleport rooms.
        • There are 2 teleport rooms:
          • At main city.
          • At baron city.
      • Hidden hunts which can be found in cities and there is no direct teleport for it.
        • You can find them and enter them.
        • Also VIP shortcuts can take you to them.
    • You can find quests at teleport rooms.


  • Donation Castles.
    • Donation castles not like usual which give you a house with a private hunt.
    • It is a house of bosses as there are 10 bosses, 8 of them have 1 hour spawn and 2 of have 2 hours spawn time.
    • You can farm tokens from there better because bosses drops rare items which can be sold for tokens.


  • 30 Free Premium Points.
    • Once you reach level 1000, you will get your points.


  • Sharing EXP and Bonus.
    • Sharing exp can be done if the lower level equal 2/3 level of the higher one, for example: level 200 can share exp with level 300
    • When sharing exp is active, party will get bonus of 25% more exp for each member joins the party, for example: if there are 10 players in the party, they will get 225% more exp. (1 leader and 9 members)


  • Magic Damage.
    • In Mirage, you will find many items with magic damage attribute.
    • Magic damage makes your spells, wands/rods and runes hit and heal better.
    • It is a new attribute.
    • For example:
      • You see a blue robe (Arm:11).
        It weighs 22.00 oz.
        +3% Magic Damage.
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