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Change log 1.3
by GM Mako
GM Mako

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Change log 1.3
Hello our valuable players,

Today i made some changes applied with the global server save, lets check what is it:

Added Magic Damage to these items.
- 2% on Demon Helmet.
- 4% on Demon Armor.

Removed Elf outfit.
- There is no longer special outfit for VIP players.
- Check what is the VIP advantages from here

Removed outfit bonuses.
- There is no specific bonus for any of the addons or outfits.
- The only bonus you get is when you get all addons.
- Also removed the website page (Outfit Bonus)
- Check more information from here

Modified the reward from getting all addons.
- You still get the Dwarf outfit but no special bonus for wearing it (just an outfit)
- You will get extra permanent bonuses no matter which outfit or addons you wear.
- Bonuses (+300 health/mana regeneration per second, +10% max health/mana, +300 speed, +10 skills, +10 magic levels)
- Check more information from here

Modified time to remove bosses if not killed.
- It is now 6 hours instead of 8 or 12 hours.
- Check more information from here

Modified Boss event.
- It will run now 1 time per day at 5:00 PM GMT
- Event room is now smaller than before.
- Event bosses have higher chance to change target every 3 seconds.
- Check more information from here

Fixed some map bugs.

Kind Regards,
18.05.20 08:52:01
Edited by GM Mako
on 18.05.20 09:01:19

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