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Change log 1.2
by GM Mako
GM Mako

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Change log 1.2
Hello our valuable players,

Today i made some changes, lets check what is it:

Added Event Tokens.
- It is a reward from events.
- It is rewarded for the winner only.
- You can get 1 from each event.
- The best part here, that you can change 1 event token for 5 premium points.
- Check events from here

Added Global Server Save.
- It will happen everyday at 8:00 AM GMT
- Server will shutdown and open again.
- Deleted clean every 4 hours.
- You will get a message to logout 5 mins before the global server save.
- All new changes will be added after the server save to not disturb online players at different times.

Modified final room at INQ.
- It will no longer spawn 2 deadly nightmares.

Modified looting system.
- Corpses will check for the owner now depending on players damage.

Kind Regards,
17.05.20 09:25:54
Edited by GM Mako
on 17.05.20 09:50:45

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