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PVP Event 3v3!
by GM Machine
GM Machine

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PVP Event 3v3!
Hey Guys,

We would like to organise a pvp event!
That means that there are several teams fighting each other in a mode of 3v3.

First of all the date!
- Saturday 28th of March at 12:00 PM European time.

Do you want to join the event?
Be there on time!

Some things you need to keep up in your mind:

- All kind of features, scripts, bots are NOT allowed! If you are using it, your char gets deleted from the server!
- The team that got defeated can ask for a rematch to join again. After that it's over for your team. The team that has the most points wins. (GM Machine will decide when the event will ends, so there are no limits in rounds)
- Only players from level 1000 till 2000 may join this event!
- There will be BIG reward for the winning team. (We are still thinking about that, remember it will be a nice one!)
-GM Machine will decide who you will fight with/against to get it balanced!

Hold your eyes on this post! I will update/edit it soon as i have more information!

If you have something more to add let me know with a comment under this post.

Kind regards,

GM Machine
09.03.20 15:38:03
Edited by moderator
on 10.03.20 15:23:48

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