Mirage Server Events & Games




Last Man Standing Event

You have to survive and kill all to be the winner.
2 players minimum to start the event.
Reward is 1 event token.
It runs everyday at
06:00 PM (GMT)


Boss Event

Spawn random boss from 4 bosses, they are not the same difficulty.
You have to kill the boss before 15 minutes.
After killing the boss, you will get your reward in your backpack.
Reward depends on the boss as you will get tokens and rare items plus 1 event token from each boss.
It runs everyday at
2:00 PM (GMT)

Dice Event

It will work by Gamemaster only.
Reward is 1 event token.
It works with 4 players which they should say a number and if the number the same as the dice roll, the player who said right number will move 1 step forward and who reach the end will win.
Totally depends on your luck.


PVP Arena

There are 2 arenas ( 3vs3 and 3vs3vs3vs3 )
It can be started by players.
Made only for fun.





Minimum players to start are 2 players and max 4 players ( 2 teams )
Use z/Z to put bomb.
Try to kill other team with bomb.
Very fun to play with friends.



Can use Tokens and crystal coins.
Depends on your luck.

Monster of the Week Monster Pedestal and Players Online Box
Players Online