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Patch 2.0.5
by GM Mirage
GM Mirage

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Patch 2.0.5

Today we made a small patch which contains:-

Added new PVP Restriction system:
- Your target should be 2/3 of your level if you are higher in level.
- Your target should be 1.5 of your level if you are lower in level.
- This system has no effect in events such as: Team Battle, Last Man Standing. Also in PVP Arena and Open Arena.
- The purpose from this system is to protect lower levels from power abusers.

Added more outfits to Outfit Changer item.

Added 10 more Donation Castles.

Fixed some bugs with Donation Castles:
- Spawn time of some bosses.
- Area inside the donation castles is no Non-PVP.

Fixed some map bugs.

07.01.20 12:02:30
Edited by GM Mirage
on 07.01.20 12:03:05

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