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Patch 2.0.4
by GM Mirage
GM Mirage

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Patch 2.0.4

Today we made a small patch which contains:-

Added new items:
- Protection Bag.
You see a protection bag (Vol:36).
It weighs 8.00 oz.
Protection all +3%, 2% Max Health/Mana.
Can be looted from Gazharagoth.

- Damage Bag (old Mirage Bag).
You see a damage bag (Vol:36).
It weighs 8.00 oz.
+5% Magic Damage, 2% Max Health/Mana.
Can be looted from Gazharagoth.

- Boss Egg.
It will be used later to access to new bosses.

Added an option that you can upgrade Damage Bag and Protection Bag to +3.

Modified the loot of Gazharagoth as you can loot Damage and Protection Bag from it.

Raised also the chance of Gazharagoth to be spawned from 15% to 30%.

Changed the time of Gazharagoth spawn to be 22:30 PM (GMT+2). If no one killed it, it will disappear after 8 hours.

Made an update to Donation Castles:
- Added 10 more castles.
- Modified the exp and health of bosses.
- They still have 10 bosses.
- 8 bosses will be spawned every 2 hours and 2 bosses every 3 hours.
- You can farm tokens, addon items and boss eggs from bosses there.

Modified the time of raids.

Fixed a bug with Third Annihilator.

Fixed a bug with Team Battle Event.

Fixed a bug with Creep Muffer Task.

Fixed some map bugs.

Fixed an issue with Warmaster outfit, it should now work for normal people by default.

03.01.20 03:00:16
Edited by GM Mirage
on 04.01.20 00:35:10

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