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Patch 2.0.2
by GM Mirage
GM Mirage

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Patch 2.0.2

Today we made a small patch which contains:-

Added !changesex command to change your sex.

Fixed a bug with level up effect as it was working also when someone dies not only at level up, now it will work only at level up.

Fixed a bug with Last Man Standing event which happened yesterday, now it is fixed.

Fixed a bug with Shaman addons statue.

Increased the EXP of Bruces, Empusas and Typhons.

Fixed a bug with items which are equipped on arrows slot as it no give magic damage effect, now it should works by this way:
- Only (Armors, Helmets, Legs and Weapons) with magic damage effect will work on arrows slot.
- Of course they work on their slot also.
- Enchanted weapons won't work on arrows slot, only at their slots.
- Amulets, Boots, Shields, Backpacks and Rings only work on their slots.

25.12.19 16:09:24
Edited by GM Mirage
on 25.12.19 16:30:39

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