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Update 3.2
by GM Mirage
GM Mirage

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Update 3.2

Today we add many things,

Added Critical enchantment system for weapons.
- Not all weapons can be enchanted.
- Enchantment process costs 500cc.
- Use Strike Soil to enchant your weapons for 5 hours.
- Basic chance is 10%.
- Basic damage is 20% and becomes more with upgraded items ( at +3 it becomes 50% )
- Only VIP players can enchant weapons.

Added new items.
- Chain Bolter.
- Strike Soil.
- Mirage Bag.

Added new items to Token Shop.
- Bar of Chocolate for 5 uber tokens.
- Strike Soil for 5 uber tokens.
- Chain Bolter for 2 uber tokens.

Added new items to Donation Shop.
- Strike Soil for 30 premium points.

Modified hit chance of some weapons.

Deleted Zombie event because it causes a critical bug.

22.11.19 11:20:32
Edited by GM Mirage
on 22.11.19 11:25:12

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