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Mirage Server version 2 ( new era )
by GM Mirage
GM Mirage

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Mirage Server version 2 ( new era )

Mirage Server started 15/9/2019 as it was upgraded from Mirage 8.10 version and it has almost no much content. Also started with high exp rates.
So I decided to work on it to add more content and start new era of Mirage Server with low exp rates and much features which will be long term server and almost no reset.
I hope you keep enjoying Mirage Server and try it again in new era.
I still adding content and i will keep posting every update on website.
I still need to add more things.
Once i finish my plan, i will announce when the new era will be.
I will start a beta test with the new exp rates to test everything.

14.11.19 21:47:53
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