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Update 3.0
by GM Mirage
GM Mirage

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Update 3.0

We made some changes today,

Made another extension to hunt spawns:
- Hydra
- Behemoth
- Warlock
- Demon
- Creep Muffer
- Cold Giant
- Mutated Bat
- Spartian Warrior
- Infernalist
- Stranger
- Poison Cever
- Red Ranger
- Ogre
- Biphron
- Andras

Added Uber Tokens.
Each 1 uber token equals 1000 tokens.
You can use uber tokens to buy from token shop.
You can exchange tokens for uber tokens or uber tokens for tokens from Token Exchanger NPC, you can find him at depot second floor.

You can change uber tokens to tokens using blue key on it.
You can change tokens to uber tokens by clicking on tokens but this needs VIP.

13.11.19 18:16:38
Edited by GM Mirage
on 13.11.19 18:20:17

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