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Update 2.4
by GM Mirage
GM Mirage

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Update 2.4

Today we made some changes:

Made a fix to the Zombie Event but need testing with players. So, we are keeping our eyes on it to check if it will work perfect or no.

Events now will run only once per day. Also, we changed the time of events.
So, please check the new times from here

King Axe, King Hammer and Justice Seeker are now one handed weapons so, you can use shield with them.

Modified the location of the Demodras raid to be inside the dragon mountain and that’s because new players find difficulty when the raid is there as they die from raid monsters once they enter the Dragon teleport.

Added more information to show if the player is VIP or not when you look on someone.

31.10.19 09:30:30
Edited by GM Mirage
on 31.10.19 09:31:46

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King Axe, King Hammer and Justice Seeker are now one handed
This makes it even more of a waste to spend the amount of money on a premium weapon, since it barely has any difference whatsoever.

Just my point of view.
01.11.19 13:12:04

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@tankie These weapons arent as good as the donation items are. These items are good for lvling from 300 till 800 or something. For me these weapons give only tokens
01.11.19 14:13:32
GM Mirage

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Hello Tankie,

As Livingforthemoment said, these weapons are too much weak compared to donation weapons or even compared with the weapons for tokens. They have only 175 attack with no extra stats.

I hope you get my point.

01.11.19 14:22:40

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