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Welcome to Mirage
Last joined us: Blown, player number 655. Welcome and wish you a nice game!
Currently, the best player on the server is: Recoil (2212). Congratulations!
Port: 7171
Client: Tibia 8.60
Mirage Client: Download
Pvp type: PVP-Enforced
Exp and Rates: Info
Facebook: Page
Discord: Join!
Free Houses: 191
Rented Houses: 61
Accounts in database: 499
Players in database: 655
Banned accounts: 27
Guilds in databese: 9
16.11.19 13:06:24 - Update 3.1

Made another extension to hunt spawns:
- Amduscias
- Lubicant
- Cave Muffer
- Blaze Phantom
- Cagnazzo
- Ninja Turtle
- Earth Crypt
- Beggar

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14.11.19 21:47:53 - Mirage Server version 2 ( new era )

Mirage Server started 15/9/2019 as it was upgraded from Mirage 8.10 version and it has almost no much content. Also started with high exp rates.
So I decided to work on it to add more content and start new era of Mirage Server with low exp rates and much features which will be long term server and almost no reset.
I hope you keep enjoying Mirage Server and try it again in new era.
I still adding content and i will keep posting every update on website.
I still need to add more things.
Once i finish my plan, i will announce when the new era will be.
I will start a beta test with the new exp rates to test everything.

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13.11.19 18:16:38 - Update 3.0

We made some changes today,

Made another extension to hunt spawns:
- Hydra
- Behemoth
- Warlock
- Demon
- Creep Muffer
- Cold Giant
- Mutated Bat
- Spartian Warrior
- Infernalist
- Stranger
- Poison Cever
- Red Ranger
- Ogre
- Biphron
- Andras

Added Uber Tokens.
Each 1 uber token equals 1000 tokens.
You can use uber tokens to buy from token shop.
You can exchange tokens for uber tokens or uber tokens for tokens from Token Exchanger NPC, you can find him at depot second floor.

You can change uber tokens to tokens using blue key on it.
You can change tokens to uber tokens by clicking on tokens but this needs VIP.

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10.11.19 15:54:04 - Update 2.9

We made some changes today,

Made a change to the doors of hunts and quests.

Added Training Dummies to donation castles.

Changed Physical protection value of some items like:
- Ring of Physical
- Stone Skin Amulet
- Upgraded Refill Helmet.

Made an extension to hunt spawns:
- Dragon Lord
- Ferumbras
- Frogs
- Runarst
- The Butcher

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09.11.19 08:09:25 - Update 2.8

We added changes today,

Added 3 new armors.
- Gladiator's Armor.
- Archer's Armor.
- Mage's Robe.

Added new advantage to VIP players.
- Using shortcuts which lead to hidden hunts.

Added The Inquisition Quest for level 1000.
- Rewards: new armors.

Added MirageOTS Wiki to help new players to know more about server. Also you can share your information on wiki and add pages to help others. You can find link here:

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04.11.19 03:31:13 - Update 2.7

We have made some changes today,

Added Dwarf Outfit, it will be rewarded to players who collect all addons and it has special stats also. Check it here

Added Magic Plate Armor to the item list which can be sold by key.

Fixed a bug with Auto Loot System, there was a problem with item stacking.

Added Facebook Page box and Discord box on the website. (right-side)

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