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Hope you enjoy your time with us.
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Welcome to Mirage
Last joined us: Jeniver, player number 1368. Welcome and wish you a nice game!
Currently, the best player on the server is: Wuhan (2862). Congratulations!
IP: mirage-server.com
Port: 7171
Client: Tibia 8.60
Mirage Client: Download
Pvp type: PVP-Enforced
Exp and Rates: Info
Facebook: Page
Discord: Join!
Free Houses: 138
Rented Houses: 164
Accounts in database: 1023
Players in database: 1368
Banned accounts: 47
Guilds in databese: 14
27.02.20 00:37:31 - Sorry for unexpected downtime.

Sorry for the unexpected shutdown and downtime.
It was a host upgrade.
Sorry again.
Hope you enjoy your time.
Server is online now and better performance.

Many thanks,
Posted by GM Mirage

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23.02.20 00:17:25 - Patch 2.1.1

Today we made a small patch which contains:-

Forbidden Island is now opened for all players.
- You can find its entrance at sea monsters.
- There is door for lvl 1000+
- You will need 100 gold nuggets to travel each time to there.
- Recommended hunt there and bosses for level 1500+

Added an extension to some of hunt spawns.
- Typhons.

Fixed small bugs.

Posted by GM Mirage

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21.02.20 14:07:53 - Patch 2.1.0

Today we made a patch which contains:-

Added new island called Forbidden Island.
- You can enter it from Sea monsters spawn.
- You will need 100 gold nuggets each time to enter it.
- Island is closed for few days, will be opened soon.

Added 4 new monsters. (Esrst, Jaseos, Ratpsl, Uatri)
- You can find them at Forbidden Island.

Added 5 new bosses. (Cartpis, Latryus, Palwosis, Yatris, Zargotex)
- You can collect boss eggs from them as they drop it 100% chance.
- They will spawned once only per day at these times (19:45, 20:45, 21:45, 22:45, 23:45) GMT+2
- You can find them at Forbidden Island.

Added 3 new bosses. (Aspdex, Farfit, Qatro)
- You can collect the new items from them.
- You can enter to them using 25 uber tokens and 5 boss eggs for each boss and each player.
- Many players can enter to the boss at once.
- You will have 15 mins to kill the boss or you will kicked out from the room.
- You can find them at Forbidden Island.

Added 9 new items.
- Archer's Helmet. http://mirage-server.com/images/items/603.gif
- Archer's Shield. http://mirage-server.com/images/items/615.gif
- Archer's Boots. http://mirage-server.com/images/items/627.gif
- Mage's Mask. http://mirage-server.com/images/items/611.gif
- Mage's Spellbook. http://mirage-server.com/images/items/623.gif
- Mage's Boots. http://mirage-server.com/images/items/635.gif
- Gladiator's Helmet. http://mirage-server.com/images/items/607.gif
- Gladiator's Shield. http://mirage-server.com/images/items/619.gif
- Gladiator's Boots. http://mirage-server.com/images/items/631.gif
- These items can be looted from the 3 new bosses.


PVP system is changed.
- Added red skull.
- Changed the type of pvp from hardcore to be open pvp.
- You still get exp from killing players.
- Decreased exp from players to be x2.
- Check Frags and Skulls info from here

Changed some spells animations.
- Naya.
- Zoltri.
- Mazoori.
- Rattle.
- Exevo mas holy.
- Exevo mas death.
- Exevo mas ice.
- Exevo mas rush.
- Exevo gran mas ran.
- Exevo gran mas exori.
- Exevo gran mas nara.
- Exevo gran mas mort.

Added 10 more Donation Castles.

Increased the level needed to buy Donation Castles to be 800 instead of 400.

Added an extension to some of hunt spawns.
- Bruces. (You will find an extra teleport which will take you to the new place).
- Empusas. (You will find an extra teleport which will take you to the new place).

Increased the number of monsters into the Prison spawn.

Added a cool thing for new players.
- Every 1 hour online, you will get 100 tokens as a reward.

Added 2 new bosses.
- The Many. (It will spawn at 18:45 everyday in the Banuta spawn)
- Zulazza the Corruptor. (It will spawn at 17:45 everyday in the Lizard City spawn)
- You can loot cool stuff which can be sold for tokens, uber tokens and chance to find boss egg.

Changed the health and mana bar ingame.
- They are working now like a percent of 100%
- If your health and mana are full so they are 100/100


Added new stage on Mirage Mana.
- Starting from level 1500+
- All vocations at level 1500+ will get more manas.

Added 4 new items at Donation shop.
- Exp Booster. http://mirage-server.com/images/items/639.gif
- Red Skull Remover. http://mirage-server.com/images/items/641.gif
- PVP OFF item. http://mirage-server.com/images/items/642.gif
- PVP ON item. http://mirage-server.com/images/items/643.gif
- Check the description of them from here

Posted by GM Mirage

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17.02.20 16:02:58 - PVP Event 3v3! BALANCED TEAMS!
Hey Guys,

We would like to organise a pvp event!
That means that there are several teams fighting each other in a mode of 3v3.

First of all the date!
- Saturday 7th of March at 12:00 PM European time.

Do you want to join the event?
Write in the comments under that you want to join and i will put you down on the list!

Some things you need to keep up in your mind:

- All kind of features, scripts, bots are NOT allowed! If you are using it, your char gets deleted from the server!
- The team that got defeated can ask for a rematch to join again. After that it's over for your team. The team that has the most points wins. (GM Machine will decide when the event will ends, so there are no limits in rounds)
- Only 1000+ levels can join the event.
- There will be BIG reward for the winning team. (We are still thinking about that, remember it will be a nice one!)
-GM Machine will decide who you will fight with/against to get it balanced!

Hold your eyes on this post! I will update/edit it soon as i have more information!

If you have something more to add let me know with a comment under this post.

Kind regards,

GM Machine
Posted by GM Machine

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22.01.20 00:01:12 - New Gamemaster!

I want to announce that Mirage server has a new Gamemaster who can be more active, help players as much as he can and you can report to him cheaters in PVP.

Let's all say welcome to GM Machine.

Posted by GM Mirage

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19.01.20 01:00:27 - Patch 2.0.7

Today we made a small patch which contains:-

Added 20 Donation Castles.

Decreased the healing of Ultimate Healing Rune (UH Rune).

Disabled the Team Battle Event.

Made Boss Event run twice per day at 3:00 PM and 5:00 PM (GMT +2).

Fixed some map bugs.

Posted by GM Mirage

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